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Kieth Deltano

Some tips on Monitoring Social Media
By Keith Deltano


Use Technology to Fight Technology

Go to these websites to download filters and tools that will help you monitor your student’s use of social media. These tools will help you stop inappropriate messages/images from going out and from coming in. We will call the below “all in one” tools because they monitor your child’s social media use for you and report to you through email alerts. You do not have to individually check your students Facebook, email, twitter, texting, etcetera, accounts. The below sites do it all for you (in varying degrees).

www.uknowkids.com – An all in one service that monitors just about every social media platform and reports to you via instant emails. Provides a dashboard that allows you to track nearly everything your child does online.

www.netnanny.com – Another all in one service that helps parents monitor online behaviors. One of the most powerful internet filters on the market.

www.trucare.com – Monitors social media and reports to you like the above sites, however, does not cover as many platforms.

The above sites have some of the best reputations in the industry. There are many more. Simply Google “social media monitoring tools for parents”

The following sites do not monitor social media, however, they are some of the best sites for help if your child has been bullied, stalked, or harassed online.

www.wiredsafety.com – Reports cyber abuse, If the situation involves any sort of physical/life threats parents must report to the local police before Wired Safety will get involved.

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