Authorized travel by school personnel will be governed by Park County School District No. 6 Board policy, these guidelines, and State of Wyoming Statutes. These guidelines were designed with IRS Publication 463 – Travel Expenses in mind. (It should be noted that federal  law takes precedence over state statute or an employment or union contract when determining whether a meal or lodging is taxable or not.)

It shall be the responsibility of the traveler and their immediate administrator or supervisor to assure that all travel expenses submitted to the District for reimbursement, regardless of the source of funds, is accomplished for the benefit of the District, is necessary, and such travel utilizes the most cost effective arrangements.

It is the responsibility of the traveler to read and understand these guidelines as well as prepare his own Travel Report/Claim for Travel Reimbursement Form legibly and accurately complete with any and all supporting documents.

Administrators and supervisors shall ensure that all reimbursement requests are within the approved guidelines. They shall also assign the proper expenditure account code(s), sign, and date granting approval for the payment or reimbursement.

All necessary expenses incurred for goods and services purchased while traveling on official District business will be reimbursed up to but not exceeding the IRS APPROVED TAX-FREE ALLOWANCES FOR TRAVEL. (See the current IRS per diem rates at the US General Services Administration website -
If you have questions regarding travel, please contact Judy Aubin in the Business Office.



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