As a service in providing recertification support to staff, our district tracks professional development (PD) activities and submits the qualifing hours to the state Professional Teaching Standards Board (PTSB).  Each year’s database begins in June and ends May 31; we submit our database to PTSB in late June or early July.  Fourteen (14) contact hours are required to earn one PTSB credit.  If you attend every district training and in-service activity and submit the required information, you should accumulate enough credits for recertification.  All you have to do at that point is submit the PTSB form and fee; your credits will already be on file.
District forms must be submitted according to the guidelines below in order to earn PTSB credit.  The forms required to earn PTSB credits are: 


Out of District (not sponsored or hosted by PCSD6)

  • Application for Out of District Professional Development [Word document; Google document], signed by your building administrator and received by the Curriculum Office for final approval at least 30 days prior to the activity.
  • An agenda or schedule showing the dates and times of the activity must be attached.  This is the only way we have of knowing how many contact hours are involved.
    • If you will not receive an agenda until you get to the activity, please note that on the PD application and send the agenda to the Curriculum Office when you return. 
    • If you attend an activity with multiple sessions, please keep track of the sessions you attend, including the start & end times, and submit this when you return.  Often there is a chart or calendar type schedule at these activities on which you can circle or highlight your sessions. 
    • If you fill out a PTSB or Continuing Education form at an activity, please bring back a copy for the Curriculum Office.
  • PD Evaluation [see link(s) below].  Evaluations must be completed within 20 days of the activity.


In District

  • Sign the sign-in sheet at the training.
  • PD Evaluation [see link(s) below].  Evaluations must be completed within 20 days of the activity.


Professional Development (PD) Evaluations

You must be logged in to your district Google account for access to the evaluations.  An Evaluation must be completed within twenty (20) days of the PD activity.  One follow-up notice will be sent as a reminder to fulfill this requirement; the Evaluation will close ten (10) days after the reminder.

Click on the Title of the PD you attended to access the evaluation for that activity.  
Please be sure you have the correct form; responses are not transferable between forms.  
If there is no form for the PD you attended, please contact the Curriculum Office.


College or university courses

  • Each staff member is responsible for submitting his or her transcript to PTSB specific to college or university courses. 
  • If credit is available at an activity to which the district has sent you:
    • Submit the Out-of-District paperwork 
    • Pay for the university credits and inform the Curriculum Office in writing (for lane change credit, please see the Human Resources Director)
    • Arrange for the transcript for those credits to be sent to PTSB


 To recertify, check your PTSB credits or submit a non-district activity for PTSB credit 

 Go to the PTSB website (  

  • To recertify
    • See the links in the  “Already Licensed” box.
  • To check your PTSB credits
    • Go to the blue “Online Account Login” box.
    • Click on “Login”
    • If you’re not registered, click on “Register Now”.  This will take you to the "Wyoming Online Services, New User Profile" page; you must enter your social security number to set up your profile.  Click here for PTSB's instructions on creating your profile.
    • Once you’ve registered and can log in to your account, your PTSB ID number will be available to you (you can use your PTSB ID number on any PTSB forms instead of your social security number).  
    • Our district’s submissions will show up as “Park 6 PSD (plus the relevant school year, e.g. 13-14)” with your “Credits Earned” total. You will not see a breakdown of the individual PDs, although PTSB has that information on file.  If you want a list of the PD credits we submitted, please contact the Curriculum Office. 
    • Continuing Education Units (CEU) are available at some workshops and seminars.  You may also see some other entries in your PTSB account if you’ve attended conferences or symposia that submitted PTSB forms.  There should be a PTSB form and/or sign in sheet available at activities that are pre-approved for PTSB credit.
  • To submit a non-district PD activity for PTSB credit
    • Go to the PTSB website Professional Develolpment webpage (click here)
    • Then go to the "Workshops not pre-approved for credit" box and click on "Individual Workshop Request for Credit Form" to download the form.  Or you may click here.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Curriculum Office. We are pleased to be able to provide this service for our staff.
Tim Foley, Assistant Superintendent
Sherrie Schriner, Curriculum Admin Assistant
Liz Brink, Curriculum Secretary/ELL Coordinator



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