Message from the Superintendent


With its wide-open spaces, hardworking people, excellent public school systems, and abundant resources, Wyoming is a wonderful place to raise children. That is especially so in Park County School District No. 6 and the communities of Cody, Valley, and Wapiti. 


The District is fortunate to have talented and dedicated students whose parents and grandparents value education and are involved in the process. Parent attendance at school events is extremely high, especially when students are performing, but also at parent/teacher conferences, parent meetings, fundraisers, and other school functions.


From the Board of Trustees to classroom teachers, Park 6 is fortunate to have an abundance of skilled and dedicated people working for the district. Cody is among the premier school districts in Wyoming. The number of National Board Certified teachers Park 6 employs along with the number of teachers who hold masters degrees is impressive for a school district of 2,100 students. This speaks highly of the community and local expectations when it comes to educating youths. It certainly indicates a commitment to, and respect for, the education profession.


Several years ago the Board of Trustees worked with community stakeholders to forge a new vision for Park County 6 School.  The vision and mission help guide our work and are as follows: 



Students achieve excellence with the skills, knowledge, and strength of character to succeed in a dynamic world.



All students learn at high levels through work that is purposefully designed to be relevant and engaging within a supportive environment.

The underpinnings for the vision and mission come from a common held set of beliefs adopted by the District.  Those beliefs include: 


District beliefs:

  • We believe all students achieve excellence and become innovative and creative when provided engaging, relevant, and meaningful work.
  • We believe in an emotionally, intellectually, and physically safe environment for all.
  • We believe what students have to say matters.
  • We believe in working collaboratively with all stakeholders.
  • We believe in integrity, treating all with dignity and respect.
  • We believe positive relationships build healthy communities.


Armed with those beliefs and guided by the District vision, it is our goal to ensure All Students become career and college ready and enjoy the benefits of living and learning in a positive culture. 


As we work together to reach these goals, I will strive for transparency in our dealings with effective communications.  Stakeholder input will be solicited and valued.


Thank you for this opportunity to educate your children and thank you for your support of Park 6 staff.


Superintendent of Schools Ray L. Schulte, Ed.S





Ray Schulte, Ed.S.


Park County School District No. 6

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Cody WY, 82414

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