All people are unique, but gifted students pose their own joys and challenges. Gathered here are resources online and within the community to help families of gifted students better understand what giftedness is and how to best support their gifted learners. 

 A great resource with articles on every topic connected to giftedness you can imagine. It is an easy to navigate site as well. 
 This website is considered a great resource for educators and parents alike, with a lot of information about parenting with a gifted learner. 
 Talent Searches take place across the country, usually via different, various universities. While each varies, generally a talent search is an opportunity for further testing. This data can be used to help you or the school make more informed decisions with your students' education; many talent searches also offer courses in the summer to students. 
 The Gifted and Talented Education Department has it's own PTK! The GATE PTK can be found on Facebook, where they update to share articles of interest to parents; share news such as when their next event will be and to generally provide support for families and the department. The GATE PTK does hold events where speakers come to talk about topics related to giftedness. 
 This is a non-profit organization in Cody, Wyoming. It is unaffiliated with the school district, but offers support and enrichment activities for families with gifted students; educational opportunities for educators; and scholarships for students for both enrichment activities such as camps and for college. 


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