Park County School District #6 uses a variety of assessments to evaluate student progress toward college and career readiness.

District assessments are given at all grade levels to gauge student proficiency on the district’s curriculum.  Student performance on these assessments appears on their progress report/report card.

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessments are used to determine student growth in reading, writing, math and science.  MAP can be given 3 times a year (fall, winter & spring) and, since MAP is taken via computer, teachers get the results quickly and can adjust their lessons and/or student groups as needed.

State assessments, which are given once a year, measure student proficiency on Wyoming’s Content & Performance Standards in reading, math and science (PAWS). 

Cody High School utilizes the nation-wide assessments of the ACT College and Career Readiness System to help guide students as they progress toward life after high school.  The ACT system includes an assessment of strengths & weaknesses & how they relate to career options, an evaluation of academic progress toward a career or college, a college readiness assessment, a job skills assessment, and a college placement test.

Every other year, district 4th & 8th grade students participate in the Nation’s Report Card assessment, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).  Although no individual scores are provided, this assessment presents the district and the state with information on how our students are doing compared to rest of the country.

For more information on specific assessments, please see the links in the Assessments pull down menu.


What can parents do to help students perform well on assessments?

Because information from assessments may be used to guide individual students’ instruction at school, to support school improvement, and/or to assist with college/career identification & preparation, it is important that students perform to the very best of their ability. Here are some things parents can do to help students perform their best:

• Let your student know that the test is important.

• Avoid pressuring your student; let them know that his or her best is good enough.

• Make sure that your student gets plenty of sleep the night before the test.

• Give your student healthy, nourishing meals, especially on the day of the test.

• Avoid heavy foods that may make them feel groggy or sugary foods that may make them feel hyper.

• Be sure your student gets to school on time.

• Visit with your student about the test at the end of the day.

• Do something calming and fun with your student.

• Regardless of the results, always praise your student for his or her efforts.



The State of Wyoming provides Hathaway Merit and Need-based Scholarships to all eligible Wyoming students attending Wyoming community colleges or the University of Wyoming.  Contact your school counselor for more information.
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