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Park County School District #6 began a multi-year partnership with the Curriculum Leadership Institute (CLI) in 2011.  CLI is a non-profit organization that works with schools to improve student learning, ever important as we contend with Accreditation Review, No Child Left Behind (NCLB) requirements, Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) goals and revisions in Wyoming Content & Performance Standards. With guidance from CLI consultant Stacey Bruton, we are systematically evaluating our current curriculum and revising it as needed to more fully align with Wyoming and national standards and to further our district goal to “prepare all students to be career and college ready."  

The CLI Model is a research-based and field-tested (20+ years) process that addresses curriculum, instruction and assessment as three interrelated and interconnected components of a solid curriculum. While CLI provides the expertise, a step-by-step process, guidelines and examples, the district teams make all decisions and choices about what to use and how to use it.

We have formed a governing body, the Curriculum Coordinating Council (CCC), which includes teachers, administrators, a counselor, a school board member and parent/community representatives. The CCC has created a policy and procedure document that spells out the duties of its members as individuals and the group as a whole. They have discussed priorities for subject area work with the teachers in each building and generated a long-range plan. The CCC has also received training in the process the Subject Area Committees (SAC) will use in their work; CCC members chair the SACs.

Teaching staff district-wide have been surveyed about their interest in serving on Subject Area Committees (SAC).  SACs consist of teachers from each grade level/course and building, as well as an administrator.  CLI consultant Stacey Bruton trains each SAC as they survey current subject area teachers, analyze the survey results for duplication, gaps and alignment, interview the teachers, then revise/rewrite district curriculum.  The year after the curriculum has been revised/rewritten, Bruton conducts implementation training for all of the teachers of that curriculum and the year is spent validating and fine-tuning the new curriculum.  Once the curriculum has been finalized, teachers research potential resources and write assessments.  Bruton emphasizes that the documents the SACs create should be considered “living” documents that change as teachers see the need or as outcomes change.

We began the CLI process in 2011-2012 with Math, continued with English/Language Arts and Fine Arts (Art & Music) in 2012-2013, added Wellness (Health, PE & Guidance) in 2013-2014, Social Studies and Foreign Language in 2014-2015, and Career/Technical Education as well as Technology Literacy in 2015-2016.  For more information on each area, see the links in the drop down menu above. 

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The State of Wyoming provides Hathaway Merit and Need-based Scholarships to all eligible Wyoming students attending Wyoming community colleges or the University of Wyoming.  Contact your school counselor for more information.

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