District Standards Based Assessments & Essential Outcomes


District Standards Based Assessments

District Standards Based Assessments are formative and summative assessments that are created at the district level based on state standards. District Standards Based Assessments assess the Essential Outcomes that students must master in order to be successful in the next unit, course, or grade level.
Essential Outcomes

Essential Outcomes are prioritized learning outcomes that are absolutely essential for ALL students to know and be able to do, that can be assessed using formative and summative assessments.

Essential Outcomes have endurance, leverage, and provide readiness for the next level. Endurance is expecting the student to retain the knowledge and skills over time. Leverage means proficiency on this Essential Outcome will help the student in other core areas and academic disciplines. Readiness means that the knowledge and skills are essential for success in the next unit, course, or grade level.




The State of Wyoming provides Hathaway Merit and Need-based Scholarships to all eligible Wyoming students attending Wyoming community colleges or the University of Wyoming.  Contact your school counselor for more information.
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